2 April 2012

how to paint the sky...

so...the results of a very haphazard way of dying textile with kitchen waste - this time red cabbage...
I love to distraction the blue....but did I add vinegar to this mix?  I think I did, then I read India Flint 
she says that vinegar would turn things more purple...Next time - I will try to be more scientific in the approach - as recommended by the very knowledgeable India .  The colour is variegated purples and blues  I think  because I prodded the skein into the very smelly cabbage water pot  with vinegar on my fingers! 

But it's beautiful - crotched or knitted coaster, granny square, wrist warmer...

The weather has turned much sharper - a North wind is blowing snow down from Scotland - 
I can not believe that we will have snow by the end of week!

Wishing you all a lovely week - filled with sunshine (of one kind or another..)


  1. Beautiful!! Will cabbage die keep it's color? My avocado skins turned out a beautiful pink dye. I'll post pictures soon. This natural dying is becoming totally addicting!

  2. Thank you Kendra! If you pre-mordant your cotton or linen with soy-milk and then dye, theoretically it should keep for a couple of years, if regularly washed, but if using for decorative, rarely washed objects...should stick around a while. The vinegar is a mordant, which I added to the dye, so shouldn't need anything else...I am not even going to try rinsing the textiles for a couple of weeks....as I did this to the skirt the next day - and it is now a dull grey - so will pre-mordant (which in my hurry to dye, did not do) and try again - maybe blue this time?!
    And yes....it is extremely addictive (my son thinks I'm a witch with all my potions brewing!)
    Looking forward to seeing the avocado results!

  3. Just discovered your blog, it's simply wonderful !!! Greetings from Paris

  4. Hi, and thank you Brit! :)

  5. hi j

    LOVE the color!!!
    did you get my thank you e-mail?

    wishing you a blessed easter,

    1. :) Happy Easter to you too v!
      I will get my emails sorted out soon I promise ;)

  6. Dear Joanne!
    You won something from me by joining the "Craft it forward project" awhile ago.
    Please send me your address on ana.annabel(@)gmail.com so I can be able to send you a small surprise.
    Have a nice day*

    1. yippee!! Lucky me :)
      Thank you - you have made my day!


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