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Growing, slowly but surely.

Good morning!  The sun is shining in a clear blue sky.  It is 1 degree Celsius outside but toasty and warm indoors.  I'm so excited to have made my first sale on Etsy of the Garden Inks I make to paint with.  What I'm most excited about is seeing what other artists will create with them.  I must admit that the sale caught me off balance.  I do not have fancy branding or stickers, but have these little labels and cotton string left over from my old jewellery business which I was using for myself.  I do like them though.  Very Alice in Wonderland.  The ink is not mass produced at all and I only have tiny amounts available at a time.  I enjoy experimenting with colours and ingredients and try to use what I can forage, harvest or store from my garden/plot. Some of my Instagram followers and readers here will know that I recently moved plots.  It has involved a lot of hard work, moving greenhouse, building polytunnel (and rebuilding polytunnel after gales blew it into a neighbours

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