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Half Term Review

Apologies for the long absence.  It's been a busy month or so since starting back to work.  I've meant to write but haven't quite found the words.  There's been so many exciting things to do!  And besides walking with my daughter and working on the plot,  I've been foraging. I've collected Hawthorn { Crataegus } berries (just in time), Guelder-Rose { Virburnum opulus } berries (so bright who could miss them?) and as many Dog Rose { Rosa Canina } Rosehips as my poor thorn shredded hands could pick.  I was also lucky enough to find Common ink cap mushrooms { Coprinopsis atamentaria}   whilst waiting for Harvester to open. I must have looked like a crazy person harvesting the mushrooms and shoving them into a black bin liner.  But I knew that this may be my last chance to harvest ink caps before they disappeared.  I have wanted to make ink from them for ages now.  They are currently deliquescing (deteriorating) and once the stalks are removed, I'll boil with a

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